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For the first comment I decided to comment on Travis’s blog. The post I commented on was what his favorite activity was. I chose this post because I wanted to see if they had any common interests with me. This is what I commented:

Hi Travis,
I’ve been kayaking before but it was only once. I wasn’t the one paddling though, it was my dad and we almost fell out.


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The next post I commented on was Kitty’s blog. I chose to comment on her All About Me post. I commented on her’s because she was only eight years old and she was writing posts, I wanted to see if they were any good or not. This is what I commented:

Hi Kitty,
I’ve never been to England but I’ve always wanted to go there. They have so many cool landmarks I’ve always wanted to see them. What is your favorite place in England?


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The last post I chose to comment on was Chelsey’s blog. I commented on her quotes post. I chose to comment on this post because her quotes were decorated really cool and inspirational. This is what I commented:

I really like how you decorated your quotes. They look really nice and cool. I also like how your quotes were inspirational.


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Sam the Super Hero

Once there was a guy named Sam. He was the hero known in his town because of all the problems he had solved.  He used his powers not only to stop bad guys but to help with world problems. Some being world hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Sam’s powers were growth powers, flight, super speed, laser eyes, ice breath, and telekinesis. Since he was a superhero he helped tremendously with any type of the problem any human had. People adored him for it and he became one of the most well-known people in the entire world.

He uses his growth, flight, and speed powers to help grow food faster to help with world hunger. He knows that world hunger is a major problem and he wants to help with it. He uses his speed, telekinesis, laser eyes, and flight powers to help with homelessness. The speed was so he could build houses faster, the telekinesis was so he could move things easier, the flight was so he could move around better, and the laser eyes were used to cut things. Lastly, he uses his speed, flight, and laser eyes to build buildings for the poor so there were more jobs for them.

Zoom out

Can you tell a story on how this flower came to be or can you not? Like where it has been growing its entire life, some of the obstacles/challenges it had to go through to become its beautiful self, and what kind of flower it is? Let’s see how creative you guys can get.


Nice Colors 

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Finish the Story

Once there was a dog named Stephen. He was a very talented dog who knew a lot of tricks but the thing was, his owner was a terrible owner. Sometimes he would forget to feed Stephen, take him on walks, or refill his water bowl. Since Stephen was so smart, he figured out how to get his food and would go to a river behind the house to drink water. There was a gate surrounding the owner’s house so Stephen didn’t have any chances to run away, the owner also almost never goes outside so Stephan can’t run away either way. Stephen felt like he would never meet any other dogs and he would have to live with a terrible owner forever.

But one day, the owner had to go to the store. When the owner opened the gate, he left it open because he rarely ever goes outside and forgot he needed to lock it, Stephen rain out when he wasn’t looking. His house was in the middle of nowhere so Stephen didn’t really know where to go. He just tried to follow the path he thought was the one the owner was on when he took him from the shelter. As Stephen was walking he saw his owner driving, the owner thought he was his dog but wasn’t sure so as he was stopping Stephen went to hide. Where they were wasn’t a packed place so it was really easy to find something, finally, the owner saw him and started to chase him. The owner reached out his hand trying to grab him and then…..

Can you finish the story?

tOh ... for a longer tongue

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One project we did in science was where we had to research and act out what seismic waves do. What we had to do was act out what P waves and S quakes did. To do primary waves we had to shake a rope, that would show us what a seismic wave would do. To see what an S quake would do we would collect some of the coils from a slinky and then release them so the slinky would make a motion. There were three people in each group and they all had different jobs. Mine was the recorder so while my team was doing work I would record down what they were doing. This is a link to the doc I recorded information on.


Research Skills

One project we did in Research skills was the Refugee book project. What we had to do was read a book and then take notes to remember what we were reading. While reading the book we would have quizzes on what we’ve been reading so far. We were allowed to use the notes we took but we only had a certain amount of time to complete the quiz. After we finished the book we had to take the test to see if we actually read it or to, there were seven questions and we only had to answer four of them. The question was about all three character and how they helped they families. This a link to all the questions we had to answer on out final test.


Social Studies

One of the projects we did in social studies was the law making project. What we had to do was make a law and then go through four processes of voting in order to get it passed. The four processes were called the committee vote, same house vote, crossover vote, and then the full house vote. We went into five separate groups and vote on the law we thought was best. You had to get at least get 2/3s of the vote in order for it to go to the next voting step.

My law was if at least 80% of the class got an A on one of the vocabulary quizzes for that month we would go to Shimazu once for that month. My law was passed through all of the voting processes along with Riley’s. His was that once a month we could have an outside sports activity. Later Mr. Bart decided that I should add we could go to 7/11 to just because it was so close and some people might not like shave ice. We took our laws to Mr. Randal and he approved it so now were just waiting till our class gets good grades on the quiz and when we have time to go outside.

In the end I was happy that my law won. When my law was gong through the voting process, a lot of people didn’t know what Shimazu was so I had to write what it was on the paper. Some other people had laws similar to others so they were voted out because of that. Mine was similar to someone else’s, their was if at least 75% of the class got an A on the test we could go to 7/11. That’s why Mr.bart added 7/11 to my law so it was fair to them that theirs got vetoed and mine didn’t. This is a link to both the class laws that were passed.